Contact Lenses

Dr. Webb has been fitting specialty contact lenses for years and has seen many changes in the industry during that time. By far the most exciting changes have occurred in the last few years. There are many different lens options including soft, rigid and hybrid (soft/rigid mixture). 

Although rigid contact lenses are a shrinking segment of the industry, we still have a large number of patients who wear them and are happy to assist anyone with their needs. The gas-permeable lens materials available today far surpass those available just a few years ago in terms of eye health and comfort.

Allergies can be particularly annoying to contact lens wearers. In the past many people had to quit wearing their lenses for a month or two during the allergy season. New lens materials and allergy medications have made it possible for these people to eliminate itchy eyes. These medications such as Patanol and Alrex are amazingly effective and safe.

Understanding Contact Lens Care & Professional Fees

What are contact lens professional fees for?

As a contact lens wearer additional tests are done for you that are necessary to make sure your eyes are healthy, that your lenses fit properly, and to ensure that you are seeing as well as possible. Contact lens professional fees are for the extra testing and time taken by the staff and doctor each year to properly evaluate your contact lenses.

What types of additional tests are needed?

Corneal topography is one example of a test done for contact lens wearers. With this computerized data we can detect any undesirable changes of the cornea caused by wearing contact lenses. A second test uses the microscope to examine the fit of the contact lens and the health of the cornea. Thirdly, prescription measurements are done which are different than those for glasses.

Isn’t this part of my annual eye exam?

These contact lens-related tests are done in addition to the eye examination. These are procedures that only need to be done for contact lens wearers, not for patients who don't wear contact lenses.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the type of lenses you wear the cost for the professional services can vary. The office staff will be able to give you the exact cost for the lenses that you wear.

Doesn’t my insurance cover contact lens professional fee?

It depends on your plan's coverage. Most insurance plans cover a routine eye exam which determines your glasses prescription and evaluates your eye health. Contact lens services are separate procedures that often are not covered by insurance.


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