Exclusive Two-Year Warranty

Your finest quality eyewear is warranted for two years from date of purchase.


If your frames break under normal wearing conditions, we will repair or replace them free of charge.


Our lens treatments are the hardest, most durable surface protection available. However, any lens (including glass) can scratch or break. Please follow recommended procedures for care and cleaning. Replacement of lenses purchased with scratch coating is limited to once in a 24-month period. Lens replacement must be the original prescription. This warranty does not cover loss, theft, or excessive abuse or neglect (Le. dog chewing) or glass lenses. *Select coatings are only eligible for a one year lens warranty.

Thank You

We appreciate your confidence in our quality eye care and eye care products. You can be assured your eyewear is the finest quality available.

2 Year Warranty Card 2 Year Warranty Card

You may be considering prescription sunglasses or a second pair of eyewear for dress, casual, sportswear, etc. Webb Eyecare offers discounts on multiple pairs of eyewear, when purchased on the same day.