Vision Therapy is Here!

Did you know our Scottsbluff location is offering Vision Therapy?! Some kids have learning related vision problems that cannot be treated by glasses, contact lenses, or patching, these problems are best treated by Vision Therapy!

Do you or your child ever experience:

* Headaches after reading

* Double Vision

* Loses place when reading

* Skip lines/words when reading

* Avoidance of reading

* Holds books too close

* Homework takes twice as long as it should

* Mix b, d, p and q’s up when writing/reading

How we can help:

Dr. Kristen Reinard will perform an in depth exam testing; eye alignment, eye teaming, eye tracking, eye focusing and visual processing abilities. She then will then decide if vision therapy is the right option for treatment. If vision therapy is right for you or your child she will create a personalized treatment plan of patches and other equipment to train the brain how to more effectively use these skills.


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